Lucas Shearer

Age 5

Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma



We have placed this page on the internet for the family, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ who wish to keep up with Lucas and watch his progress during his treatments. Will try to keep the page updated with current pictures, and updates of his health. Please remember him in your prayers.


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How to Contact Lucas at Shands


Pictures taken during Stem Cell Transplant in Gainesville

April 17th, 2000 - Surgery to Remove Tumor

March 20th, 2000 - 5th Round of Chemo in Hospital

March 13th, 2000 - Stem Cell collection at Shands Hospital in Gainesville

February 28th, 2000 - 4th Round of Chemo in Hospital

February 7th, 2000 - 3rd Round of Chemo in Hospital

January 18, 2000 - 2nd Round of Chemo in Hospital

January 9, 2000

First Stay in Hospital which began December 17, 1999

Letter from Lutz Church of Christ


Neuroblastoma Links - for those that want to know more about the disease


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