Arthur M. Ogden

Often when discussing a question of some importance, the remark is made, "I don't like your attitude." This is one way of saying, "I don't like the way you are looking at the problem. You are looking at it in the wrong way."

There is a right way and a wrong way to look at everything. No one is perfect and everyone is subject to his own human weaknesses, and it is altogether possible that all of us at one time or another have been guilty of looking at things with the wrong attitude.

Whether, or not, I have the right attitude toward a thing may depend upon a number of circumstances. All of us to one degree or another are influenced by environment, education, experience, and desires common to all. Through these we form opinions, prejudices, customs, and convictions which are not easily subsided. These influence our thinking and mold our attitudes.

Our attitude toward the Bible and a discussion of it is patterned in the same way. Through our religious environment, education, experience, and our personal desires we form our opinions, prejudices, convictions, and etc..., and our attitudes toward the scriptures are formed, and more often than not they are the wrong attitudes.

Wrong Attitudes

An indifferent attitude is often our possession. It is the result of a do nothing, learn nothing, know nothing, and be nothing atmosphere. As a result, we are unconcerned about truth, do not care what the Bible says, and accept any and everything upon the grounds that it is OK with me. As loneliness is the mother of sin, indifference is the father of all unrighteousness and iniquity in the churches. Let us not be so possessed.

An attitude of selfishness often characterizes us, and because of it we often try to interpret scripture in the light of what we want it to say rather than what it says. It is the foundation of denominationalism, the fruit of which can be seen everywhere.

An attitude of arrogance sometimes finds its way into our hearts. We feel that we are some special creation of God and that everyone should bow in humble submission before us. It is the attitude of "I am right and I cannot be wrong." This is an abomination unto God (Prov.16:5).

An attitude of suspicion deceives us into thinking the other fellow is evil, and nothing he advocates could possibly be right. Because of this attitude many honorable men have been defamed while those who possess it have believed a lie that they might be damned.

The Right Attitude

The proper attitude to possess everyone who approaches a discussion of the Bible is that of humility. By humility we destroy our own will (Luke 9:23), and recognize God as our Superior and others as our equals (Phil.2:3). We "study to show ourselves approved unto God . . . rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Tim.2:15), and once we have learned the truth, we will meekly receive it and obey it (Jas.1:21,22). With this attitude, we can always, without exception, come to a knowledge of the truth. Try it, and see for yourselves.

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