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The Avenging of the Apostles and Prophets

For those interested in challenging their thinking on the book of Revelation, this book is a must. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the author's conclusions, he will return to this book many times to study the clearly logical exposition of the Apocalypse.

This book contains two parts: Introduction and Commentary. The Introduction is divided into three sections: Section I contains the normal introductory remarks plus scriptural argumentation designed to establish the identity of the events "shortly to come to pass" (1:1). Section II shows that the identified occurrences were foretold through fifteen hundred years of Old Testament history. The author feels it should not be considered strange that one entire book of the New Testament was written to show the fulfillment and completion and these Old Testament Scriptures. Section III establishes the historical background in which these affairs were realized.

Ogden did not intend for this to be just a book for preachers; the language is penned with the average member in mind. Most anyone can read and understand this presentation. It was not intended to be an exhaustive study of the Revelation.

This book is the strongest defense I've ever read for the early date of the writing of the Revelation. Ogden makes application to national Israel in ways that are more logical and scriptural than any other writer has been able to do. If you've read Foy Wallace's commentary and defense of the early date, you've got to read this material. Ogden does a far better job in defending the early date. The argumentation is strong enough that you will want to read and study it several times.

Numerous professionally drawn illustrations are scattered throughout the book.

Bob Buchanon, TODAY, August 1985.

The study of the Apocalypse by John is a challenge to every sincere student of the Bible and one that eventually must be faced. The highly graphic and figurative language with its visions, symbols and hidden meanings pose real problems in understanding the meaning. Throughout the centuries, Bible scholars and expositors have presented a wide variety of interpretations of this book. They have ranged from the bizarre and eerie to the very conservative and fundamental. Some wild and speculative views have been offered and premilIennialism is the product of such imaginative interpretations. On the other hand, many nonmillennialists differ on how the book should be understood. The basis for this difference is the disagreement on just when the book was written.

Many contend that the book was written during the apex of Roman rule over all proconsular Asia. At this time Domitian, the Roman Caesar, proclaimed himself a deity and demanded worship or death of his subjects. Those who take this view naturally interpret all that the book says in light of conditions that prevailed during the late part of the first century and early part of the second. The other view holds that it was written before Jerusalem fell to the Romans, sometime before 68 A.D. The author of this new and fresh look at Revelation takes the early date. Arthur Ogden, faithful gospel preacher, offers the strongest defense of the early date it has ever been my privilege to read. From this vantage, Ogden provides the student with new challenges and in his exposition of the text makes the scenes take on a completely different appearance. The scenes of the temple worship, sacrifices, and rituals, all common to Judaism, and familiar to Christians set a stage for the basic theme, avenging God's own and vindication of God's eternal purposes.

Whether you agree with the position Art takes or not, you will appreciate his work and the astute manner in which he argues his case. The book is well illustrated. It deserves to be read and studied. It might even change your view of the book of Revelation, if you take the late date position at present.

Dudley Ross Spears, TORCH, June 1986

"The introduction to the book is well worth the price of the volume."

C.G. Calwell, III, President Florida College, Tampa, FL

"I enjoyed the study of your book, and found it to be more sensible than anything I have ever read."

R. Thompson, California

"Avenging... is the most consistent, logical, and biblically sound commentary on Revelation I have seen."

V. Trefethen, Alabama

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