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Old Testament Files

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Files: 6 Size: 959,281 bytes
Save time by downloading all O.T. files at one time. A total of 180 lessons! NOTE: Download main menu above seperately.

The Pentateuch

Lessons: 26 Size: 160,426 bytes
Covers the first five books of the Old Testament.

The Books of History

Lessons: 36 Size: 171,649 bytes
Covers from Joshua through Esther.

The Books of Poetry

Lessons: 47 Size: 232,864 bytes
Covers from Job through Song of Solomon. NOTE: The section on Psalms looks at the Psalms in chronological order, several Psalms per lesson. See alternative to the Psalms below.

Subject Lessons on the Psalms

Lessons: 11 Size: 154,734 bytes
Covers the Psalms by subjects. Also included introductory notes.

The Major Prophets

Lessons: 42 Size: 205,473 bytes
Covers from Isaiah through Daniel.

The Minor Prophets

Lessons: 18 Size: 136,118 bytes
Covers from Hosea through Malichi.

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