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Colesburg Audio Files

Below are audio files which have been delivered at the Colesburg Church of Christ in Burns, TN, in the course of Gospel Meetings. All files are in MP3 format and thus should be usable by all modern computers, smartphones and "IPod" type devices.

Jason Sage Meeting June 3-8, 2018

These lessons were presented June 3-8, 2018. The lessons presented Monday - Friday were pertaining to alcohol and drug addiction. Jason is a recovering alcoholic and drug user and thus speaks from personal experience.

    Title Length Size

    Earning Trust 42 minutes 12.5 MB

    Love Believes All Things 37 minutes 11.2 MB

    The Difference Between Repentance & Confession
55 minutes 16.4 MB 

    One Man's Story (Into & Out of Addiction)
48 minutes 14.5 MB

    The Family and The Addict
51 minutes 15.3 MB

    The Journey to True Faith
45 minutes 13.5 MB

    One Drink Away From a Drunk
43 minutes 12.8 MB

    Happy Joyous and Free 48 minutes 14.3 MB

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