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Ogden's Biblical Resources Links


General Interest

Backup Software/Services
ADrive.com - 50GB of Free Online Storage
Online storage and backup service offering 50GB of free storage!
Carbonite Online Backup
My current choice for backing up all my important files is Carbonite. As soon as you add or modify a file Carbonite automatically backs it up to their secure servers. You don't have to do anything! It's not free but at only $49.95 per year it is worth it.
Mozy Backup -- 2 GB FREE online backup service
Mozy Online Backup give you 2 GB of storage space which is not to bad. Give it a try. It's FREE! Click on `MozyHome` and look for `MozyHome Free.`
Yadis! Backup
Yadis! Backup is an easy-to-use backup-tool, which will save you a lot of trouble. It guards your personal data by making real-time copies (whenever you make changes to your documents) to almost any destination you choose. I use it to backup to an external drive I can take with me on trips. Fabulous program!
A Simple Book Repair Manual
This is the web version of the Simple Book Repair Manual created by members of Preservation Services, Dartmouth College Library, Hanover, New Hampshire.
First Edition Books
Buy and sell old, rare, collectable or antique books online.
The Book Arts Web
For book repairs, you might like to check out the book repair manual at Peter Verheyen's Book Arts Web. In it are described three relatively non-invasive techniques for repairing books, specifically hinge tightening and tipping-in of loose pages.
Online Marketing
CCNow -- Secure Online Checkout Service
Have items you want to sell through your website? Don't want to invest big dollars to accept credit card orders? For a small fee per transaction you can be taking credit card orders through your website with the help of CCNow.
Online Tools
If you ever bid on eBay auctions then you need a good eBay Sniper . Gixen is good and it is free.
WordPerfect Related
A MACRO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for WordPerfect, is a system for organizing, remembering, and executing macros. MACRO HOT KEY triggers macros at the tick of your little finger. POP-UP HELP SCREEN keeps all your macros at your fingertips.
Science Translations Home Page
Home of Graphcat Clip Art Cataloger, FontKat Font Cataloger, The Letterhead Kit Business Correspondence Assistant, and Bookbild Pamphlet Publisher for WordPerfect, and the Wood Clips Graphics Collections.
WordPerfect vs Word
Great site showing a feature for feature comparison between Corel WordPerfect and Microsoft Word. Word has improved but still falls short. Take the time to see for yourself how WordPerfect continues to do a much better job than Word.
WPList Shareware Add-Ins Directory
Contains information on a number of WordPerfect related utilities.

Religious Links

Bible Graphics/Photos
Bible Images and Clipart
David Webb's Bible Images and Clipart page. Great source of Bible art.
Photographs and descriptions of biblical and archaeological sites in Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Greece
Biblical Art on the WWW
The easy way to search for Biblical art on the internet.
Christian Clipart
Public domain Christian clipart.
Figures de la Bible
Figures de la Bible. Illustrated by Gerard Hoet, and others.
Full scale model of the tabernacle
Full Scale Model of the Old Testament Tabernacle.
Holy Land Photos
Holy Land Photos. Free, Hi-res images of the Holy Lands.
Pictures from Old Children's Bible Story Books
Good illustrations of Bible stories from children's books.
The Borg
Tons of good Bible story graphics.
Bible Maps
Bible Maps for the Complete Christian Collection
The maps listed here are from the Complete Christian Collection.
Geography of the Bible
Biblical Maps and Historical Maps for Bible Study.
PowerPoint Bible Maps
'PowerPoint Bible Maps' are ideal for Bible class teachers. Each map comes in three different sizes (640, 800, 1024) to suit your needs.
Bible Software
e-Sword Bible Study Software
e-Sword is a fine FREE Bible study program with a number of helpful modules. There are a number of Bibles, commentaries, dictionary, graphics, devotionals, and extras.
Free Bible Explorer 4.0
Now you can download Bible Explorer 4.0, the easiest Bible Software, for free. You can choose from over 180 Bibles and reference works to help preach and teach to change lives. Just some of the Bibles and books included: KJV, ESV, GOD's WORD, Greek New T
Power Bible
MY PERSONAL CHOICE! A fabulous Bible study program with lots of resources and features. You'll not be disappointed with the decision to buy this CD. ONLY $19!!!
The Online Bible
One of the original efforts to provide a great FREE program for studying the Bible. They have lots of modules you can download and they support several platforms.
Theophilos Bible Software
Another fine FREE Bible study program with several downloadable modules. More advanced packages are available for a fee.
Books/CDs for Sale
Pistos Books and Supplies
Supplier of religious and homeschool books and supplies for Christians.
Truth on Disc
Larry Haverstock's collection of audio and video tapes, CD's and DVD's of sermons and Bible classes taught by some of the most respected men among us. All are available at very reasonable prices. Includes Art Ogden teaching on Revelation in 1987.
Church Websites
Clay Church of Christ
Website of the Clay Church of Christ, with which I currently labor. A number of sermons and bulletin articles are found there in addition to information about the congregation.
Embry Hills church of Christ
Embry Hills church of Christ - Christians in Atlanta, Georgia. The Embry Hills church of Christ tries to provide useful tools such as audio mp3 sermons and Bible class material for adults and children of all ages.
Gardendale Church of Christ
Gardendale Church Of Christ in Gardendale, AL.
Inver Grove Church of Christ
Website for Inver Grove Church: Postcards, articles, and encouragement.
Jordan Park Church Of Christ, Huntsville, AL
The Church of Christ meeting at 2212 Jordan Lane, Huntsville, AL consists of a non-denominational group of Christians serving the Lord in the manner He prescribes in his Holy Word.
La Vista Church of Christ
Information about the congregation and selected articles from our local bulletin.
Milpitas church of Christ
Local church located in Milpitas, CA.
Moody Church of Christ
Local church in Moody, AL.
Providence church of Christ
The Providence church of Christ is a group of Christians striving to follow the New Testament pattern of organization and worship. We do not endorse man-made creeds and titles and are simply known as Christians. We seek to save the lost and to streng
Pruett & Lobit Streets Church of Christ
Your online source for Bible studies, Bible reading programs, Bible based bulletin articles, sermon charts and Bible sermons on your choice of media.
Roswell church of Christ
We are simply Christians without being members of any denomination. You can be too!
Southside Church of Christ
Local church in Rapid City, SD.
Southside Church of Christ
Website of the Southside Church of Christ in Somerset, KY. This is the congregation I grew up in. Great congregation with a great website.
Sun Valley Church of Christ
Local church in NE Birmingham, AL.
The Church of Christ at Pana, Illinois
The home page of the church of Christ at Pana, Illinois. Download PowerPoint sermons, sermon outlines, Sunday bulletins, and newspaper articles.
Trenton Church of Christ
Local church in Trenton, FL.
Trussville Church of Christ
Local church located in Trussville, AL.
Valley Station Church of Christ
Local church in Valley Station, KY (Louisville area).
Warfield Blvd. Church of Christ
We offer a choice of several Bible Correspondence Courses plus lots of material on Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and very fundamental Bible studies. Check out our studies on DENOMINATIONALISM.
Westside Church of Christ
Local church in Irving, TX.
Zion Church of Christ
Church of Christ in Zion, Illinois | Free sermon outlines and Bible class books, study guides, debate books, Bible land photographs and PowerPoint backgrounds and templates.
Da Vinci Code Resources
Exposing The Da Vinci Code
Article by David Webb examining the claims of Dan Brown in The Da Vinci Code.
St. John at the Last Supper
This site explains how wrong the claims of Dan Brown are by showing depictions of the apostle John in paintings from the past.
Personal Websites
A Christian Web portal operated by Bill Blue.
Children's Bible Lessons
Old and New Testament lessons for children. Real audio stories and color coding to help the child become a better reader. Free study sheets and worksheets.
David Padfield's Home Page
An excellent place for Bible study materials in Adobe Acrobat format. Materials available include sermon outlines, debate notes, charts and pictures from the Bible lands.
David Riggs' Web Site
A great web site containing many articles and sermon outlines on a number of subjects and Bible passages.
Entourage of Faith
A Christian-based website featuring articles, sermon outlines, and studies of all sorts pertaining to the Bible and religion.
Executable Outlines
Here you will find nearly 1000 sermon outlines and Bible studies by Mark A. Copeland. A superb resource for those interested in studying what the Bible itself teaches.
Family Times
This web site is designed to provide helpful information for Christians who are interested in home schooling.
Ferrell Jenkins' Biblical Studies WWW Page
This site contains an exhaustive list of links to other Biblical resources on the web. Some resources of his own are also available for download.
Information about the Henderson family and Matt Allen, and the congregations they work with. Archives of STRAIGHTWAY magazine also available here.
Interactive Bible Study
Steve Rudd's home page full of good material.
McKee's Bible Studies
Bible Resources by Aude and Verna McKee, including adult Bible class question sheets for nearly every book of the Bible and several topics as well as ladies Bible classes taught by Verna McKee.
Searching the Scriptures
David Webb's website full of graphics and other resources.
Seeking Bible Truth
Class Studies include Pauls epistles, Revelation from the early date. Other studies include lessons on application of scriptures and daily living and lessons on 70 AD considerations. Site also has devotionals and a home study course.
Stanton See's web site
This site has articles on Bible subjects, sermon outlines, links to religious sites, rodeo links, cooking links plus a couple of recipies, and some miscellaneous links that I have found interesting.
The Gospel Defender
Are you set for the Defense of the Gospel? Let the Gospel Defender help expand you knowledge of God's Word and prepare to fight the good fight.
Think Magazine Online
Think on these things articles regarding the Lord's church by the Diestelkamp family.
Revelation Resources
Beast of Revelation
Another book by Kenneth L. Gentry which is available to either download in PDF format or read online. This book examines Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation.
Before Jerusalem Fell
This link is to the online version of Kenneth L. Gentry's book, BEFORE JERUSALEM FELL. This is a marvelous book dealing with the dating of the book of Revelation. Read it online or download it in PDF format.
The Days of Vengeance
This link is to the online version of David Chilton's book, THE DAYS OF VENGEANCE. This is another commentary on Revelation from an early date perspective. Read it online or download it in PDF format.
Search Engines/Link Directories/Website Tools
RefTagger is an amazing, free web tool that instantly makes all the Bible references on your site come alive! Bare links turn into hyperlinks to the full text of the passage at BibleGateway.com, making it easy for your readers to access the text of Scripture with just a click. Even better, RefTagger brings the text right to your readers by generating a tooltip window that pops up instantly when they hover over the reference. Great tool!
SeekYe1st.net Online Library Search
This is a unique search engine specifically for finding sound religious material by searching many sites. We have indexed what I consider to be some of the best web sites created by brethren making it more likely you will find resources for what you seek
The New Testament Gateway
Gateway to academic material on the New Testament designed and maintained by Dr Mark Goodacre.

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