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Today is Wed, Feb 26, 2020; 01:30 PM (EST)

Bookbinding Services
I previously announced that due to my new work schedule I was unable to accept new bookbinding projects unless you were willing to wait months before I would touch them. I have been working here and there on only one bookbinding project throughout 2015! That should give you an indication of how difficult it is for me to make any progress on books with work and other obligations to deal with. I have thus stopped accepted ANY new work at all.

For those looking for a good bookbinder to have your Bible repaired I would recomment you visit the Bible Design Blog. If you will look in the right hand column there is a box titled “Categories”. In the drop down list you will notice lots of pages on the site, including “Rebinding Shops”. He has had many Bibles rebound and has written reviews of them with great pictures. It is a great way to find a bookbinder who will do just what you want with the materials you want.

Should my circumstances change I will post a note right here to make that known.

For those interested:
View my blog to learn more about my bookbinding.
Or, view my YouTube channel.

Brotherly Love Lecture

I was given the opportunity to speak at this years Florida College Lectures, in Temple Terrace, FL. The theme of the lectureship was "Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness". My assigned topic was, "He Who Loves His Brother Abides in the Light": Loving One Another. Florida College has granted me permission to post the audio of that lecture here. It can be found under Audio Sermon Files, or you can just click HERE.

MP3 CD's Available on Revelation!

Are you studying the book of Revelation? If so, why not study along with these excellent teachers of God's word?

A total of 70 hours of class teaching presenting views from both the early and late dates of the book of Revelation. Homer Hailey and Lowell Williams approach the book from the late date and Art Ogden and Larry Haverstock approach the book from the early date.

The set contains 2 CD's with the audio files in MP3 format. You can play the files on your computer, in a portable MP3 player or even with newer DVD players (check your owners manual). Our thanks to Larry Haverstock at TruthOnDisc.Com for sharing these CD's with us.
Order directly from Larry HERE

12 Hour Videotaped Commentary by Art Ogden Available!

In 1987 my father spent a week with Larry Haverstock in Washington state teaching on the book of Revelation. Brother Haverstock video taped these studies and they are available from him for a very reasonable price. If you would be interested in obtaining a set to help you in your studies, you can contact brother Haverstock at Truth on Tape, 1254 Montecello Drive, Eugene, Oregon, 97404. His phone number is 360-652-6009. You can also reach him by email at Larry@TruthOnDisc.Com. His new website is now online at TruthOnDisc.Com.


Read about all our CD's and books by clicking HERE.

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