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Among members of the Lord's church Aude and Verna McKee have been widely known, respected and loved for decades. Together they served the Lord and local congregations in a number of places. Following Verna's death in the summer of 1999, Aude has returned to preaching from time to time, mainly on a fill-in basis.

During their many years together in the Lord's work they produced a great deal of material suitable for use in Bible classes. Verna even produced a couple of series suitable for Ladies Bible classes, which she would teach during Gospel Meetings Aude would conduct. We are thrilled to make all these materials available to you.

How This Came About:

In August of 1984, I began working with the Valley Station church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky and was introduced to Aude McKee's Bible Study Questions on the Bible. Aude had worked with the Valley Station church a few years before me. The church had maintained the questions and used them frequently in their teaching program. I found them to be a tremendous help in teaching and took a copy of most of them with me when I left the Valley church and have used them often in my Bible classes.

The era of word processing has made it possible to keep copies of the lessons. In the course of time most of brother McKee's questions were used and kept on file. In 1994, Aude McKee conducted a Gospel Meeting with the Southside church in Somerset, Kentucky, where I was preaching at the time and I suggested to him that I had most of the questions on file and would like to find a way to make them available to the churches for use in their teaching programs. He agreed that he would like see this done. Since that time we have completed the entire series of questions and we are happy to make them available to you.

A few changes have been made in transferring from the original copies. Most of the changes were in spelling and punctuation. A few changes were made for clarification and in some instances questions were reworded to make room for all the questions to be placed on one page. Those who have copies of the original questions should be informed that some changes have been made.

We want everyone who wishes to feel free to use the questions to the glory of God the Father, His Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who revealed God's Word to us. We ask that when you use the questions you give credit to their author, Aude McKee.

A special word of thanks to my son, Alex Ogden, and Gary Kerr for their labor in making these questions available to you in this format.

Arthur M. Ogden

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